Eye Emma Jedi // '88 (EP)

Co-Writer, producer &mixer


Certain members of team amazing come over all gushing when talking about Eye Emma Jediand it’s not surprising. The band gave one of the best live performances at The Great Escape 2013 (with a great session to boot) and have consistently brought a rock sensibility to infectious indie-pop anthems. 

Their latest effort ’88 serves only to heighten our enthusiasm for one of Norway’s finest exports. Sharp, angular guitars are punctuated with throw-back synths, with the whole thing giving way to an earworm of a chorus that you’ll no doubt hear over and over on the station in the coming weeks. You can thank us then, or take a listen right now.

- Amazing Radio


Norwegian duo Eye Emma Jedi (say their name fast to get the joke) know how to rock. Case study: their new EP 88, due out October 4 via The Tooth Fairy Label. Take a listen below. ‘Cause crashing guitars are better than caffeine. (At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.)

- Under The Radar


Listen to it here vis Spotify