Co - Writerr & producer

"Sin" takes the best from both worlds and delivers us a classic slice of energetic pop. The opening guitar lines are typically bouncy and embodied with sunshine, but there is still a certain amount of precision held in its deliverance, something I would associate Foals with. It's frenetic indie pop at its best, and you can't help but love it.

- IndieShuffle


Produced and recorded by themselves, ‘Sin’ perfectly encapsulates Eye Emma Jedi’s indie-pop sound; a sound that specialises in folding shimmering pop melodies with cutting, intricate indie-rock guitar lines that form powerful anthems. Their energy smites you with its wide musical spectre that varies from danceable, progressive indie rock to the most alluring elements of j-pop and post-hardcore.

- Spindle Magazine


Radio: Playlisted on NRK P3, Amazing Radio

Released on Toothfairy & Killing Moon summer 2012