Hubbabubbaklubb // Tomme Lommer

Co-producer & Mixer for the single track 'Tomme Lommer'



People were saying that Norwegian fjordmakossa had died and gone sterile. But the late, great ethnomusicologist and folklorist Alan Lomax begged to differ. In his famous field study report on the subject he wrote:” After days with nothing other to show for than wet clothes and an itchy crotch, I heard a sound echoing from the hills. It sounded like a herd of drunken zebras, or was it a cross between a flamenco and a monkey (a Fonkey?). I later discovered this nocturnal specie to be the band hubbabubbaklubb. A magical lantern in an endangered genre we all knew and loved as fjordmakossa, with an extraordinary expression that have later allowed them to successfully populate a diverse range of habitats – from deserts to islands to tropical forests.”
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