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    Fifteen Minute Lover
  • 02
    Cobalt Moment
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    Hey Punk!
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    Ingin' Ways

Ayka describes her new EP Eleven as "a tiny record marking my coming of age as a musician". It's both a small, tongue-in-cheek statement and a huge one; in that way, it mirrors her songwriting, where seismic and serious details are woven into grunge-pop melodies that feel light and breezy. Like any good coming-of-age story, Eleven is filled with angst, joy, romance, and of course, anthemic choruses. "It's a conscious first step into the sonic world of adulthood," says Ayka, never far from laughter. "Yeah, I’d like to try making music, like, fo’real."

  • Writer
    Ayça Lingaas
  • Producer
    Ayça Lingaas
  • Producer
    Andrew Murray
  • Co-write
    Andrew Murray
  • Drums
    Dag Markhus
  • Mix
    Andrew Murray
  • Stem mix
    Christian Obermayer
  • Mastering
    Christian Obermayer
angst joy romance and anthemic choruses


Ayka is the pseudonym of Norwegian-Turkish Ayca Lingaas. In 2021 she released her debut EP, “I’ll Show Myself Out Now”, through LUFT Recordings, and she has loads of new material scheduled to see the light of day by the end of 2022. She already mesmerized audiences from Norwegian stages like By:Larm, Henie Onstad Art Center, and USF Verftet in Bergen. Ayka’s lyrics reflects upon the ups and downs of life, in all their banal and grave forms. She conveys these themes through a contrastive sonic landscape ranging aesthetically from soft to rough, dipping into both electronic pop- and traditional folk-music. Ayka could, for the sake of confusion, be compared with the likes of Connan Mockasin and Lilly Allen. Laughter and tears are welcome!

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