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    I'll Show Myself Out Now

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  • 01
  • 02
    Tuna Tune
  • 03
    Tokyo Garden
  • 04
    Window Gazer
  • 05
    Eleventh Ode

It was when dropping out of a “liberal but fully capitalistic millennial pastel palette media-degree”, that Ayka shifted her focus towards music. The Norwegian songwriter had till then been in a handful of various creative projects - dabbling with sound, art and text. Despite this, the local and “laissez-faire” art school wasn’t a fit either, and it was inevitable something had to change. I’ll Show Myself Out Now isn’t just her debut EP; it represents a document of the artist re-focusing how and what she wants to create and communicate.

  • Writer
    Ayça Lingaas
  • Additional Writing
    Andrew Murray
  • Additional Writing
    Kent Tonning
  • ProducerTrack #1, 3, 4
    Andrew Murray
  • ProducerTrack #2
    Kent Tonning
  • Mix
    Andrew Murray
  • Artwork Photo
    Chai Saeidi
  • Mastering
    Christian Obermayer
  • Producer
    Ayça Lingaas

Visualizer for 'Tokyo Garden'

"It’s difficult to pinpoint any specific inspiration to this project. The oldest song is about four years old and the newest only a few months. Most of them were written around love, but I wouldn’t say that this EP is an ode to it. At least not to me. It’s about the music itself and me putting it out there. Also with the help of others. To be cliché, it has been and still is a journey. I’ve always surrounded myself with music, within very private spaces, never truly intending having it somewhere else. Still, I’ve always shared it - with family and friends and a few strangers online. So there’s probably been an underlying intention or lust for exposing it and receiving some sort of acknowledgment. Writing music feels selfish and trying to profit off it even more so. Literally, what’s the use? This question is most possibly shaped by my own insecurities around whether or not I can call myself a “true” musician. #Imposter syndrome. But trying “to do this” makes me feel excited and inspired - and I hope that people exposed to this project will enjoy it equally as much - or even more if possible."


Ayka is the pseudonym of Norwegian-Turkish Ayca Lingaas. In 2021 she released her debut EP, “I’ll Show Myself Out Now”, through LUFT Recordings, and she has loads of new material scheduled to see the light of day by the end of 2022. She already mesmerized audiences from Norwegian stages like By:Larm, Henie Onstad Art Center, and USF Verftet in Bergen. Ayka’s lyrics reflects upon the ups and downs of life, in all their banal and grave forms. She conveys these themes through a contrastive sonic landscape ranging aesthetically from soft to rough, dipping into both electronic pop- and traditional folk-music. Ayka could, for the sake of confusion, be compared with the likes of Connan Mockasin and Lilly Allen. Laughter and tears are welcome!

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