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    Pen Gutt

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23 year old Norwegian artist Pen Gutt debuts today with his first release ‘Independent’, premiered via The FADER. Pen Gutt’s debut release on Luft Recordings and Terrible Records is another signifier of the wealth of homegrown talent emerging from Norwegian shores - with ‘Independent’ following the likes of SASSY 009 and Sigrid in making waves on the global stage.

‘Independent’ was recorded last summer, shortly after Pen Gutt returned from a year in Denmark - “I had a lot to say, so everything just poured out,” he told The FADER. Explaining the joyful celebratory feeling bounce behind the chorus, he said, “The hook came from that I wanted to make it cool to say that you're independent, that you don’t need anybody but yourself, and it really doesn’t matter if you got a boss or not. You’re the one in charge.” In the true spirit of independence, the typically vibrant accompanying video was fully self-directed by Pen Gutt, too.

  • Writer
    Håkon Stubberud
  • Producer
    Erik Samkopf
  • US Label
    Terrible Records
Independent penger independent pen gutt

Pen Gutt

You think of rappers and more often than not you think of swagger; a certain bravado and spectacle that oozes confidence and self-belief both in their personalities and their music. Rarely do you encounter someone who was a “complete nerd”, cripplingly shy and grew up in a nature-immersed town in Norway whilst going to Christian summer camp each year. However, this is one of many reasons that makes 24 year-old Pen Gutt such an original an artist.

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