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    Pen Gutt

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  • 01

The project combines the musical tastes of Pen Gutt along with his producer Samkopf, - “everything from Death Grips to Aphex Twin to 1950 Scandinavian musicals to Jpegmafia to Charlotte dos Santos” - and also owes a great deal to the Japenese anime series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Whilst you’ll need to speak Norwegian to understand the lyrics, they come from a period of real soul searching and when the character of Pen Gutt was created. “In my subconscious I think I had the idea of the whole album before I even started making it,” he says. “I’ve been a musician, model, actor and visual body performer and Pen Gutt is a character combined of all these professions and hobbies I've had until now. That's the reason why I really love music, because I get to combine everything I already love, and morph it into one project. The character is based on my experiences, but put in another universe. The same concepts and natural laws don’t apply to this universe. I like over-exaggerating situations and thoughts to make you feel something, rather than having it to be realistic.”

  • Writer
    Håkon Stubberud
  • Additional Writing
    Erik Samkopf
  • Production
    Erik Samkopf
  • Additional Production
    Andrew Murray
  • Mix
    Andrew Murray
  • Mastering
    Christian Obermayer

Pen Gutt

You think of rappers and more often than not you think of swagger; a certain bravado and spectacle that oozes confidence and self-belief both in their personalities and their music. Rarely do you encounter someone who was a “complete nerd”, cripplingly shy and grew up in a nature-immersed town in Norway whilst going to Christian summer camp each year. However, this is one of many reasons that makes 24 year-old Pen Gutt such an original an artist.

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