Releases / LFT002-S4
  • Title

    Sykle Uten Hender

  • Artist

    Pen Gutt

  • Format
  • Date

    The album is also an exploration of death that came from Pen Gutt’s delve into philosophy. Reading works such as “Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Fear of Death”. This concept has been weaved into the album he says. “To stare at the sun simply means to face death head on and let your fears become a part of you. You realise that you can't escape death, but you can learn to live side by side with it.” However, whilst philosophy and long hours spent thinking about the meaning of life have informed this album, so to has the much more physical experience of death in his life. “Late last year I lost somebody really close, and it hit me like a train. I had never in my life experienced this much pain,” he says. And when he did begin to return to normal he found that “The darkness had become a part of me.”

    • Feat.
    • Writer
      Håkon Stubberud
    • Additional Writing
      Erik Samkopf
    • Production
      Erik Samkopf
    • Additional Production
      Andrew Murray

    Pen Gutt

    You think of rappers and more often than not you think of swagger; a certain bravado and spectacle that oozes confidence and self-belief both in their personalities and their music. Rarely do you encounter someone who was a “complete nerd”, cripplingly shy and grew up in a nature-immersed town in Norway whilst going to Christian summer camp each year. However, this is one of many reasons that makes 24 year-old Pen Gutt such an original an artist.

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