Releases / LFT001
  • Title

    Do You Mind EP

  • Artist

    Sassy 009

  • Format
  • Date
  • 01
    Summin' You Up
  • 02
    Pretty Baby
  • 03
    Feel Me
  • 04
    Are You Leaving
  • 05

SASSY 009 is a trio of Oslo musicians and childhood friends—Teodora, Sunniva and Johanna (with no surnames that we know of)—who started making music together in school. They don’t explicitly say what roles they play in the group, like who’s the vocalist, or the producer, or who plays that insane flute solo on their fantastic new song, “Are You Leaving.” This unadorned backstory affords the group a refreshing air of simplicity and a touch of mystery: They don’t list influences or inspirations, and the previously released song in their scant discography, the icy techno-pop track “Pretty Baby,” was very different from the head-spinning bop of their newest offering. The second track from their upcoming EP, Do You Mind, is not just a hint at the dizzying range this trio possesses, but it’s a hands-in-the-air jam that will leave you riding high on an endorphin rush by the time it’s done.

- Pitchfork

  • Writer
    Sunniva Lindgård
  • Writer
    Teodora Georgijevic
  • Writer
    Johanna Scheie Orellana
  • Additional Writing
    Andrew Murray
  • Production
    Andrew Murray
  • Production
    Sunniva Lindgård
  • Mix
    Andrew Murray
  • Mastering
    Espen Høydalsvik

Sassy 009

Oslo, Norway's Sassy 009 makes abstract electro-pop that edges toward house, techno, and industrial, mixing dreamy synth textures with distorted, propulsive beats. Once a trio, Sassy 009 became the solo project of founder Sunniva Lindgaard in 2019, when second EP Kill Sassy 009 was released. Further releases like 2021's Heart Ego flirted with drum'n'bass and synthwave.

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