Releases / LFT004-S4
  • Title

    Red Plum

  • Artist

    Sassy 009

  • Format
  • Date
  • 01
    Red Plum

The glitched new outing Red Plum plays on minimalism, relying on a handful of surging currents to bounce around the cavernous space before the atmosphere is cut through with squalling guitar. Speaking on her new track, Sassy 009 shares: “Red Plum represents the uncompromising, unfiltered headspace that, although I don’t show it myself, it is felt deeply on the inside. The idea came out of frustration over being trapped in-between the need of knowing what goes on in everyone’s lives through my phone, and the unpleasant feeling of observing someone who deals with their pain very publicly.”

  • Writer
    Sunniva Lindgård
  • Additional Writing
    Andrew Murray
  • Production
    Andrew Murray & Sunniva Lindgård
  • Mix
    Andrew Murray
  • Stem Mix
    Christian Obermayer
  • Mastering
    Christian Obermayer
  • Lacquer Mastering
    Beau Thomas
  • Photo
    Jacqueline Landvik
  • Design
    Axel Berggraf Egenæs

Sassy 009

“‘Heart Ego’ is the most ambitious project I’ve done so far in my career, yet the project I have had the most trouble defining. Framing it as a mixtape was like finding home. The actual structuring and understanding of my compositions is simply a result of how I think it should feel, and not necessarily in line with a structure someone else completely understands.”, explains Sunniva Lingård aka SASSY 009 on her mixtape. Those who’ve followed the path of Oslo-based Sassy 009 and the constantly fluid, blurred edges of her hallucinogenic pop, will know that she’s an artist that follows emotion and mood, over strict narrative and composition.

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