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  • Title

    Ghost Town

  • Artist

    Sassy 009

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  • Date
  • 01
    Ghost Town - Spotify Studio Oyster Recording

If Oslo-based Sunniva Lindgåard aka Sassy 009's last musical output 'KILL Sassy 009' - that led to celebratory press from the likes of Dazed, i-D, Vogue, Fader and more - was the 23 year old finding her feet as a producer and solo artist, then her new single Ghost Town confidently announces her arrival as a force to be reckoned with.

She's been enlisted by Spotify's new Oyster playlist, where they handpick the best emerging talents from the Nordic region (girl in red did the last), allowing them to release new music that reflects who they are. Recorded in lockdown, Sunni soundtracks the deserted dim lit streets of Oslo, through a potent acid bassline backed by skittering runaway breakbeats, with an ultra-hyper arena-sized hook that will no doubt be pumping through every street corner once things are back to normality.

"I see the sounds and musical universes I create in pictures."she explains. "Ghost Town is illustrated in my head as a walk in the street at night, with moonlight shining a light on everything I see. I’m walking past abandoned cafés and places people used to hang around, feeling the cold rain hitting my skin, drop after drop. everything has changed. and I somehow feel left by myself, as if I was the last person standing on earth."

  • Writing
    Sunniva Lindgård
  • Additional Writing
    Andrew Murray
  • Production
    Andrew Murray
  • Production
    Sunniva Lindgård
  • Mix
    Simon Sigfridsson
  • Mastering
    Cosmos Mastering

Sassy 009

Oslo, Norway's Sassy 009 makes abstract electro-pop that edges toward house, techno, and industrial, mixing dreamy synth textures with distorted, propulsive beats. Once a trio, Sassy 009 became the solo project of founder Sunniva Lindgaard in 2019, when second EP Kill Sassy 009 was released. Further releases like 2021's Heart Ego flirted with drum'n'bass and synthwave.

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