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  • Title

    Heart Ego

  • Artist

    Sassy 009

  • Format
  • Date
  • 01
    Forever Seventeen
  • 02
    Blue Racecar
  • 03
    Mystery Boy
  • 04
    Here Comes The Weekend
  • 05
    Red Plum
  • 06
  • 07
    It's Complicated
  • 08
    Ego Heart Ego

Heart Ego is the most ambitious project I’ve done so far in my career, yet the project I have had the most trouble defining. Framing it as a mixtape was like finding home. The actual structuring and understanding of my compositions is simply a result of how I think it should feel, and not necessarily in line with a structure someone else completely understands.”, explains Sunniva Lindgård aka Sassy 009 on her mixtape.

The bulk of the release was written throughout the winter of 2019 into 2020 in Lindgård’s mum’s apartment, before being re-recorded and produced in Luft Studio with friend and colleague Baya, discarding a lot of the original ideas and whittling it down to the hazy-yet-taut pop that remains.

“Ultimately with this I want to prove that I am a better musician today than yesterday” she says. “And feel that the risk of spending tremendous amounts of hours in my bedroom was worth it. I think that’s the biggest concern, more than a statement, that my time has been spent well.”

Listening to Heart Ego it’s hard to deny that it hasn’t. Sassy 009 remains a singular project, a hyper-pop project that feels like its hurtling through space, a balance of acceleration and phantasmagoria, of physicality and weightlessness.

  • Writer
    Sunniva Lindgård
  • Additional Writing
    Andrew Murray
  • Production
    Andrew Murray & Sunniva Lindgård
  • Mix
    Andrew Murray
  • Stem Mix
    Andrew Murray
  • Mastering
    Christian Obermayer
  • Lacquer Mastering
    Beau Thomas
Slowly dying out of love I see glimpses of highs up above

Sassy 009

Oslo, Norway's Sassy 009 makes abstract electro-pop that edges toward house, techno, and industrial, mixing dreamy synth textures with distorted, propulsive beats. Once a trio, Sassy 009 became the solo project of founder Sunniva Lindgaard in 2019, when second EP Kill Sassy 009 was released. Further releases like 2021's Heart Ego flirted with drum'n'bass and synthwave.

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